Looking for the best pool and spa care products? Look no further than Leizure World! We offer a wide selection of accessories such as nets, brushes, skimmers, and more, perfect for keeping your pool or hot tub in perfect condition. Not only that, but you’ll find an abundance of fun pool floats, toys, and games that are sure to bring hours of entertainment to you and your family. Additionally, you can purchase quality chemicals to help maintain a pristine pool or spa, and these include top-brand chlorine, shock, algaecide, sanitizers, and more. We also carry pumps, heaters, and filters, so you can be sure your pool or spa is working at peak efficiency. Our pool store has all the latest pool and spa parts, equipment, chemicals, and accessories – come in and get everything you need to enjoy your time in the water.

Want a great gift for your kids who have a pool and everything else? We also offer gift certificates!

Patio Furniture

Leizure World is now offering a curated selection of patio furniture, perfect for your outdoor living space, giving you the opportunity to create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor gatherings with family and friends.

Pool Cleaners

Enter a new colorful universe with COSMY the Bot, a place where efficacy rhymes with style and elegance, and size is replaced by finesse and intelligence.

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Water Care

Quality chemicals keep your pool and hot tub in pristine shape, and we carry a large selection of top-brand chlorine, shock, algaecide, sanitizers, and much more.

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Water Testing

At Leizure World, we also offer complimentary pool water testing to make sure your pool has the correct balance of chemicals. Optimizing your water chemistry saves you time and money for a stress free summer! Making sure your pool water is in the best shape is our number one priority.


Leizure World is a proud dealer of Louisiana Grills. These grills are known throughout the industry as the most versatile mobile outdoor cooking appliance and they are also durable and easy-to-use, even for the novice griller. We can help you complement your backyard with one of these grills.


We also offer melamine plateware to make it easy and safe for you to find the perfect items for your outdoor living space and to entertain guests with style and sophistication.

Toys & Accessories

Check out our wide selection of pool floats, games and toys to add a little fun to your time in the pool. We've got many items that are a perfect addition to the backyard fun times ahead.

Safety Covers

Whether you have small children or pets and are in need of a pool safety cover, or simply need a barrier to protect your pool from an abundance of leaves, we offer a wide range of quality safety covers. We measure and install custom safety covers that come in an array of colors. Call us today to discuss your pool cover options.