At Leizure World, we strive to offer our clients the finest pool chemicals on the market, with a wide selection of popular brands such as Sustain, Frog Products, and Natural Chemistry. We understand that keeping your pool and spa healthy is the priority, and are confident that the products we stock will help keep your pool running at its best. For further details on the different pool and spa chemicals we have in stock, read on or visit our showroom where our experts will be happy to help you determine which products are the most suitable for your requirements.


How do you want your water to look...and how much work do you want to put into it? If your answers are “sparkling clean” and “not much” then the Sustain system is an excellent choice. New pool owners can feel overwhelmed with the work that some chlorination systems require, especially at start-up. But the Sustain 3-part system is super easy from day one, and so effective at keeping your water clean that it comes with an algae-free limited warranty. And, for the veteran pool owner who wants a simpler chemical routine, easier water balance and added protection against algae, it’s time to look at the Sustain System.

Frog Products

At King Technology, enriching people’s lives is what we aim to do every day. And not just our customers’ lives, but our employees and vendors, too.

You’ll find that vision reflected in every single product we make, and the way we bring them to market. We strive to simplify the complicated. People don’t want to practice home chemistry. Nobody wants to leave their pool shop overwhelmed and confused. That’s why our pre-filled cartridge delivery system has been such a success. First of its kind, It lasts longer and requires no handling of chemicals.

Natural Chemistry

Why spend hours laboring over your pool when you could be sitting poolside instead? For over 25 years, Natural Chemistry has been providing smart products to simplify pool care. Our maintenance items decrease the amount of time and effort spent on maintaining crystal clear, perfect water. Natural Chemistry’s maintenance items work hard so you don’t have to.