Don’t let the effort of owning a pool exhaust you and miss out on the joys of swimming and relaxation! Let the experts at Leizure World take over and keep the pool clean. We recognize that your time is valuable, so why not use it on more rewarding activities than worrying about pool maintenance?

The job of keeping a pool up-to-date can be difficult, especially with the unique conditions present. Falling debris from nearby trees, unfavorable light conditions, or any other number of factors can cause serious damage. Most individuals don’t have the expertise to handle these issues, but with us, you won’t have to worry. We’re here to help!

Pool Opening

Our pool opening service offers a complete and comprehensive solution to get your pool ready for summer. Our team of experienced professionals are on hand to assist

Pool Closing

If you’re looking for an easy and hassle-free way to close your pool for the winter, look no further than our pool closing service. We will handle all the details of closing your pool safely

Safety Cover Install & Remake

Custom measuring and installing safety covers can be a great way to ensure that the cover fits perfectly and provides maximum protection for your pool or other safety needs.

Pool Heaters

Summer is short, extend your season with a Raypack gas heater. We will assess your pool

Hot Tub Service

If you require hot tub repair or cleaning, you can rely on Leizure World to lend a hand.

Pool Service

Pool owners comprehend the value of keeping their pools and spas in top condition but

Vinyl Liner Replacements

For those looking to bring their swimming pool back to pristine condition, our experts provide professional vinyl liner installations.

Pool Inspections

We highly recommend that you take advantage of our pool inspection services before you purchase a home.

Pool School

If you’ve recently purchased a home with a pool, our pool school is a great way to learn the ins and outs of your particular setup.

Request Pool and Hot Tub Service and Repair!

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