have a doughboy? we have parts!

Filters, Pumps, Parts...We got 'em!


Pool Trouble?

Leizure World offers expert water analysis at no charge to West Michigan pool owners. Make sure to bring at least a pint of water for analysis.

Need Service?

Leizure World has been servicing and repairing pools and spas in West Michigan for over 25 years. Leizure World provides timely and cost effective repairs. No hourly rates to surprise you, just one flat rate of $85.  We also do repairs in house if you bring us the part in question.

Memories for a Lifetime!

We know the number one reason people buy a pool is to make memories - so we build our pools to last for a “Lifetime of Memories." All Doughboy pools are made in Arkansas, USA and are under warranty for the entire time you own them! Doughboy offers an excellent assortment of pool sizes in both round and oval configurations to perfectly compliment your backyard.

Start Blue, Stay Blue

Sparkling Clear Results 
Easy as 1-2-3!  At Leisure World we want you to enjoy your pool not work on it. For over 25 years we've  maintained over 1500 pools in West Michigan using our Sustain Program with stunning results. You'll love not smelling like a pool as well.

 Here's how easy it can be for you too:

 Start with Sustain summer shield to extend chlorine up to 150 days.

  1. Every 6 days fill dispenser cup with 3 inch Blue Chlorinating Tabs
  2. Immediately add Sustain 3/4 inch Shield Energizer tabs-one cup for every 5,000 gallons
  3. Enjoy crystal clear water with minimal effort!  

    Be sure to bring a sample to Leizure World for a free water analysis every 4 weeks. This will ensure your PH, Alkalinity and Stabilizer are in check.


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